Flooding News and Resources

Please find below a selection of useful links and documents.

Facebook is great (here’s our Facebook site  ) but when you want to find something it’s way down the bottom and something else always pops up! The link to our webpage Facebook – Stable articles and blogs aims to show information on things that have stabilised / stopped moving on our Facebook site.


January 2024 Update

Financial Help – Jan 2024

Dealing with insurers – great article by Siriol Hogg

There has been talk about building back better (including Siriol Hogg’s Facebook post above). Here is a link to an article on this on the FloodRe website

Article in Sunday Times 14 Jan from Mandy Meyer on Protecting Your Property


October 2023 Update

The Financial help via NSDC for Storm Babet ends on 19 Jan 2024 : NSDC Facebook Post

Google Lens – Clever way to Price things for Insurer

Alerts and Warnings

Financial Help

Helpful leaflet distributed by Newark & Sherwood District Council 27 Oct 2023 (hopefully back Monday to deliver to more houses)

Who is responsible for water flows within village

Pictorial representation of who is responsible for various water flows within Village based on Flood Hub info

The links below contain useful information – Lowdham Flag is not recommending them just providing links to the information

Preparing your property before a flood

Threat from Surface Water and how to mitigate – by Flood Mary (Mary Long-Dhonau site)

National Flood Forum Property Protection Adviser

National Flood Forum – Blue Pages – Independent Flood Directory

Property_owners_booklet from SMARTeST, University of Manchester

Looking after your property post flood

National Flood Forum / Association of British Insurers Responding to Floods Guidance

BRE Flood Resilient Repair Home

Understanding Basic Flood Recovery Procedures

Property Flood Resilience (Yorkshire 2021)

British Damage Management Association leaflets


Insurance information

Acer insurance (Southwell Flood Forum Post) Oct 2021

Obtaining insurance via Gocompare

Advice from Gocompare

Lowdham Flood Action Group

Lowdham Flood Booklet

Lowdham Flood Report 2020

Nottinghamshire County Council – Lead Flood Authority

Link to NCC webpage in their capacity as Local Lead Flood Authority. Among other things it prepares as report (called Section 19) after each major event. These are available here Notts CC Section 19 reports

Flooding advice and Help

Preparing for a flood

NCC Feb 2021 Bulletin on Flooding including Riparean ownership

Nottinghamshire County Council: Report a blocked drain
Nottinghamshire Local Flood Risk Strategy
Nottinghamshire County Council – Preparing for a flood
Nottinghamshire County Council – After the Flood

Newark and Sherwood District Council

Newark & Sherwood Flooding Information Hub

Lowdham Parish Council – multiple updates

Lowdham Parish Home Page

Looking after Lowdham

Report a Blocked Drain (Nottingham County Council – Highways Reporting Hub)

** Please also report blocked drains to lowdhamflag@gmail.com so we can monitor progress **

Environment Agency

National Assessment of Flood Risk
Surface Water Management Action Plan
Environment Agency – Personal Flood Plan
Environment Agency – Preparing your business for flooding
Useful information on EA Surface Water flood risk maps

Government Report

Government report on Reducing the risk of Surface Water Flooding

Pitt Report Update

(see up after the 2007 floods, it made 92 recommendations, led to Flood and Water Management Act 2010 and the Flood Risk Regulations 2009. Dave Harper had input into this.)

Progress on Pitt Report

Gov.uk – Map of Long term risk of flooding

Risk of Flooding from River and Surface Water

Natural Flood Management – Trent Rivers Trust

Website/High level map of assets in catchment area

Older Info

Newark & Sherwood – 2020

Newark & Sherwood extension of £5,000 scheme 24 Sep 2020

Link to N&S DC Financial Support webpage. (One off payment of £500, 3 months rebate on rates, a grant of up to £5,000 for flood defences in certain circumstances)

Newark & Sherwood Letter 13 July 2020 re £5k grant + attachments

Newark & Sherwood 5k Application Form

Rebecca Pow MP £5m letter to Robert Jenrick MP (Newark) 14 Jul 2020

Robert Jenrick 19 Feb 2020 letter