November 5, 2021

Left Bank recover Work Pictures

Removing Topsoil Adding base for heavy machines, materials Create access to Beck by putting pipes underground 5 pumps to extract water during heavy flows Pipework around platform in Beck Pipes to go into Beck (each is 900mm)
November 5, 2021

Update on left bank – 15 October 2021

Work has begun on the left bank repair. This is a major project from the Environment Agency. They use various subcontractors including Jacksons and Ulyetts. The initial work is to prepare a compound from which to operate. This is the work that has begun on the football pitch. The first […]
November 5, 2021

Latest Update – October 2021

Main points from EA October 2021 Update Lowdham Flag and the Parish council had a very positive meeting with the EA in October at their monthly review meeting. Recovery works moving ahead rapidly The ’insurance policy’ of pumps has been put in place. Two of the pumps will move water […]