Environment Agency

The areas the EA are working on include:

  1. The EA held a drop in session on 11 Jan 2024 in Lowdham Primary School. This explained the Flood Alleviation Scheme (the Reservoir) and meeting was attended by Jackson (the Contractor) and Severn Trent Water. The meeting was held 9 days after the village suffered flooding on 2nd January 2024. The village raised a number of questions and the EA has addressed these here
  2. The “Main scheme”  is the Reservoir near Lowdham Grange in between Lowdham and Lambley. The EA updates can be accessed here
  3. The “Left Bank Recovery” scheme – recovery work repairing the left bank of the Cocker Beck by Lowdham football / cricket pitch to its original state. The EA obtained special funding to carry out this ‘repair’ and so no ‘improvements’ have been made. Work started in September 2021 and was completed in Summer 2022 with the fencing being removed in October 2022.  Further details and official updates here
  4. Earlier alert / warning system. The EA have recently updated their alerts / warning system and now call it ‘Check for Flooding’. It is excellent and we encourage people to sign up at https://check-for-flooding.service.gov.uk. They have also give us an additional “Operational Alert” to allow us to alert our Flood Buddies and people who ask to be on the ‘Operational Alert’ WhatsApp group.
  5. The EA identified 14potential problem areas in Lowdham back in 2007.2007 – Environment Agency 14 identified issues