EA Left Bank

The Environment Agency are working on the Left Bank Recovery Project. This page shows progress and the official EA Communications which are posted around the village and on our Facebook page.

  1. Work began in September 2020 to prepare the site and the repair was complete by Summer 2022. The fencing was removed in October 2022 and the football pitch will be ready for football matches in the 2023/24 season.
  2. The piling was started early 2022 and this involved filling in the beck to provide a ‘road’ over which machinery could drive to ‘hammer in’ the 6.5 metre steel pilings.
  3. The Beck has two 900mm pipes included within the ‘road’ to allow normal flow of the Beck. Two of the five overground pipes allowed for extra volumes of water to flow around the ‘road’ and three of the pipes allowed water to be temporarily stored on the cricket pitch.
  4. The 5 pipes were ‘insurance’ while the main Beck is temporarily filled. Each of the 5 pipes was supported by a pump which extracts the water from the beck so the capacity of the 5 pipes is greater than the simple area of the 5 pipes.

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