There are lots of ideas that don’t yet fit into neat headings – so they are recorded here. – lease contact us if you want to help / lead in developing them.


Carry out gardening in a more climate friendly way, maybe mow the grass less often! The Nottingham Windmills group have some excellent ideas in their “gardening in times of climate change” pack ( https://www.farmgarden.org.uk/resources/climate-change-gardeners-pack ).

Nottingham Organic Gardeners are a useful source of information ( http://nottinghamorganicgardeners.com )

Landowners – Get paid to plant trees

Landowners, land managers and public bodies can apply to the England Woodland Creation Offer (EWCO) for support to create new woodland, including through natural colonisation, on areas as small as one hectare. You could receive over £10,000 per hectare to support your woodland creation scheme. ( https://www.gov.uk/guidance/england-woodland-creation-offer ).

How is Energy Produced – fascinating insights

Links to stats on UK Energy production / usage -> National Grid (live status)Sources of UK Energy GenerationMap of UK energy Generation facilities

Solar Panels

Green Southwell are running a program to help people choose the right solar panels. See their site Solar Streets 2022 here

Parish Magazine / Local news outlets

The Parish Magazine article was based on the East Midlands Today report (9th August 2021, 6.30pm) and is available here ( https://lowdhamvolunteers.org/videos/ )

The Parish Magazine article itself is here  – Parish Magazine article – August 2021