Ground Saturation

The condition of the ground to absorb water is key to knowing the impact of the rainfall. The catchment area of the Cocker Beck is 12 square kilometres. The Beck is at best 2m wide and 2m high!

If the ground is saturated then rainfall will runoff into the Beck. If the ground is baked hard rainfall will also run straight into the Beck. We may invest in ‘probes’ to measure soil moisture content or ways to find where the water table is, but for now we are looking at recent rain levels to determine the ground condition. This involves (a) determining what period of time it takes for ground to react to previous rainfall (we have chosen 7 day and 14 day) and then (b) determining the level at which the ground would be classified as ‘baked hard’ or ‘saturated’ (the current estimates are shown on the graphs). The graphs below are set up to view on a laptop not a mobile.

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HISTORIC RAINFALL (Some data missing)