Climate Change

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Lowdham flag is primarily focused on preventing and mitigating flooding in Lowdham. Part of the cause of flooding is climate change and as highlighted in the latest IPCC report, the floods in Germany / Chine and wildfires in California / Canada then action is need NOW.

BBC News summary of key findings of IPCC Report

IPCC Report

IPCC Report Summary

BBC report limited progress on COP26 promises : Limited Progress on COP26

BBC webpage – simple guide to Climate Change :

The BBC have produced two short videos about an individual’s carbon footprint ( and ). They suggest there are five areas where individuals can move towards their own carbon net zero position which include looking at your electricity suppliers who claim to be using renewable sources, think about what you eat, replacing imported foods with locally grown in season foods, think about where you place your money (is it being used to fund fossil fuel industries?), rethink your transport options, reuse and repair things rather than buying new.

BBC’s Reality Check also discusses the options of offsetting your carbon emissions (

Many organisations have joined the UN Race to Zero ( to reduce their own carbon footprint to zero. Write to your local representative (MP, County / District / Parish Councillor).

Carry out gardening in a more climate friendly way, maybe mow the grass less often! The Nottingham Windmills group have some excellent ideas in their “gardening in times of climate change” pack ( ).

Links to stats on UK Energy production / usage -> National Grid (live status)Sources of UK Energy GenerationMap of UK energy Generation facilities

Links to calculating Carbon Footprint -> Guidance video , Measurement Tool

The Parish Magazine article was based on the East Midlands Today report (9th August 2021, 6.30pm) and is available here ( )

The Parish Magazine article itself is here  – Parish Magazine article – August 2021